Riding High!!!

from: Charles Little: “Shawn “fat Tony” s tuck. It’s an ’83 ahh ’85 no ’91 wait 95 … Well the 396 is a ’68 … What ever! It’s bitchin!!”

from: Charles Little: “I’m not allowed to drink beer anymore, but who cares when this is my truck!!”

from: Nicholas Elam: “84 toyota”

from: Pickups and Beer: “From Joe Thompson: “79 f350 1 ton gear,521ci/600hp”Want your truck featured? Come upload it at –> https://pickupsandbeer.com”

from: Mikey Thomas: “2000 F250 6.8 on 37s 83k”

from: Derek Aguilar: “”

from: Matt Compoe: “My 82 short bed, built 427 with fast efi. 3/4 ton axles 4.10 gears 37s on 20s, and 39.5 pit bull rockers on 16x10s It’s my daily driver.”

from: Kat Robbins: “rex workman lake George ny 1980”

from: Cole Robertson: “”

from: Mike Rodriguez: “My toy!”

from: Larry Hughes: “79 aint she Fine”

from: Mike Pilotte: “My custom 1977 big block f250 on 54″s”

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