Beer Frisbee

We love beer, hopefully you have figured that out already. With our love for beer we wanted to find ways to enjoy our favorite beverages while having some fun with friends. This game has brought friends closer and ripped apart friendships for about 5 minutes, and they are ready to get back together. This game will require some keen hand eye coordination on your part. The rules and instructions are simple and are as follows.

Set up the poles with a bottle on top about 30-40 feet apart

Get a partner and stand behind the pole.

Grab a frisbee and give it a toss. The other team plays defense, as you try to knock the bottle off the pole. The defense must try and catch the frisbee AND the bottle. If you knock over the bottle you receive 2 points. If the frisbee is not caught you receive 1 point. If the frisbee and the bottle are not caught you receive 3 points. First to 21 wins.

Build this game and you are bound to become a frisbee throwing machine!

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