August 7 – Pickups of the Day

At Pickups and Beer we like to see the biggest, meanest, and most smash mouth Pickups out there! Each image is user uploaded from every backwood mud hole you can think of! If you’d like to see if your Pickup has what it takes to make it into the Pickups of the Day, all you have to do is upload a photo of your beast to our site!

from: Nicholas Elam: “84 toyota”

from: James Thomson: “My 72 chevy K10 all waxed up and ready to get muddy!”

from: Charles Little: “I’m not allowed to drink beer anymore, but who cares when this is my truck!!”

from: Charles Little: “Shawn “fat Tony” s tuck. It’s an ’83 ahh ’85 no ’91 wait 95 … Well the 396 is a ’68 … What ever! It’s bitchin!!”

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